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Best Venice Self Guided Walking Tours

Best Venice self guided walking tours

When we say everyone has to visit Venice at least once in their lives, we know it’s true. And everyone who has visited Venice knows they would like to go back and see it again. The amount of stuff to see, crammed together in a city which is itself a must see tourist attraction, make Venice a top destination ideally suited for walking tours. And because Venice spoils the tourist for choice, planning your trip to Venice is a good idea. And one of the best ways to see Venice is through a walking self guided tour. Venice City Tours can make planning your self guided walking tour in Venice easy – because we have an app for that!

Why self guided walking tours in Venice

Self guided walking tours are appealing to travellers of all sorts of experience and interests. one of the top reasons is the flexibility and convenience of self guided walking tours. first of all there’s no queueing for a ticket as you can just download the tours directly to your device whenever and wherever you are. then of course, as its a self guided tour you can begin and end at any time of day or night, making it perfect for early birds, night owls, and everyone in between. Big groups of tourists on guided tours are unwieldy and can be a bit frustrating and slow. Sometimes, you even miss what the tour guide is talking about because the group is so spread out. with self guided tours this never happens, and you are free to linger over sites or monuments of particular interest to you. the self guided tour apps are full of interesting information you can take in at your own pace. And, on a self guided tour, you can take a break whenever suits you. because self guided tours are itineraries you can download via an app, there is a lot more choice of the type of tour you can go on. The itineraries cover all the most famous sites, but also have interesting tours with a focus on a certain theme, like, history, music, cuisine. So you can discover and explore aspects of the local culture in-depth.

Self guided walking tours everywhere in Venice

There are many agencies with self guided tour offers. Viator has some interesting offers, like a semi-independent tour of Murano and Burano Islands. They also have some expensive offers, like a kind of train ride from Rome to Venice, which costs €201.

Venice City Tours, on the other hand, can offer complete independent walking tours, allowing you to experience Venice at your own pace, how and when it suits you. Our offers are also a lot less pricey!

Then there is GPSMYCITY which is another provider of Venice walking tours. Like Viator they have a selection of pre-planned walking tours – just like us. And GPSMYCITY also has an option to create your own walking tour on their webpage. And when you combine this with all of the various travel blogs with their pre-planned walking tours of Venice, the amount of information becomes overwhelming. That’s partly also because there is so much to see in Venice.

Our Self Guided Tour app helps you plan your walking tour of Venice and designs it perfectly for you, so you can be sure to see all the sites you want to, plus any recommendations you got from friends, or from the reviews on our website.

Design your personal self guided tour with Venice City Tour App

Our Self Guided Tour app is super handy for anyone visiting Venice. You can download it to your device and use it offline. The great thing about our self guided walking tour is you can walk around whenever you want, early in morning, or late at night, avoiding the hordes of tourists, and just enjoying Venice in your own style. One of the best things about Venice City Tours is that we are from Venice and have been operating here for over 10 years. So our app is full of all the big hits, but will also bring you to all the little spots only the locals know about, using the local transport boat service. You could go start designing your self guided walking tour of Venice right now.

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