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Casanova And Venetian Noblemen The Carnival Icons

Casanova and Venetian noblemen the Carnival icons

The quintessential  Venetian libertine was Casanova, the son of a Venetian actor and a shoemaker's daughter.  As he stated in his autobiography, "My Life and Adventures". Casanova's purpose was simply pleasure, and his greatest pleasure was sex, preferably with a…

Skip The Line: Inside Doge's Palace, Golden Basilica And....Much More. -  -

5 Non touristy things to do in Venice

With a ridiculous amount of things to do, and an obscene millions of tourists, it's a great idea to be a well-organised tourist while looking for non touristy things to do in Venice. The Venice City Tour app has itineraries…

Ballo Del Doge 2019 At Pisani Moretta Palace -  -

Venice Carnival during the 1700

The official passport to the Venice Carnival was the Domino, a bizarre costume that combined the mask Bauta, a hood of velvet silk  and a three-cornered hat. The Domino Costume The Domino did hide all signs of class and swept…

Venice And The Ages Of The Carnival Myth -  - Carnival

Venice and the Age of the Carnival myth

In the 18th century, in Venice,  'noblemen no longer wear their togas of office, the women have asses black from all the pinches they get: there is enough joking and luxury you can't image: religion is going down the drain'…

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