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Venetian Violins

Venetian Violins

Venice has had a fundamental role in the history of music, in particular for the classical and baroque music. The Venetian Liuteria (art of realization of string instruments as violins) is another artisan excellencethat has characterized the history of Venice during the centuries. From the middle…

History And Curiosities Of Venetian Classical Music - Classic Musica In Venice Baroque Music Concerts Four Season Vivaldi - Concerts

History and Curiosities of Venetian Classical Music

Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice on 3 March 1678 from a humble family who comes from Brescia. He is one of the best Italian composer and violinist of the Venetian baroque music who has influenced all Europe with its music. He brought many innovations in the fields of violins, concerts,choral works and operas. In…

Serenissima Concerts

The Music during Republic of Serenissima

A great musical culture has always characterized Venice especially between the 1500 and 1800.  Many famous travelers and writers as Rousseau, Goethe or Wagner narrated about concerts and theincredible musical vivacity in the city, particularly during the famous carnival that lasted six months! Throughout this fantastic period, the city was full of…

Private Gondola Ride - Private Gondola Proposal On Gondola Gondola Serenade - Gondola 3

Private Gondola Ride

To discover Venice resting back on a private gondola ride gliding across the water, like a real Venetian of the past, is to immerse oneself in a completely new dimension, to look with new eyes at the unique Venetian palazzi…


The sarde in saòr

One cannot leave Venice without having tasted one of the trademark dishes that blends into one the city’s marine flavour and the aroma of the islands’ orchards: sarde in saòr. It is a grass-roots dish made of few and humble…

The History of Venice

History of the Venetian lagoon, from the origins to the recent facts :

452  – Attile the Hun levels city of Aquileia: refugees flee to islands of Venetian lagoon

568 – refugees fleeing Lombards double lagoon’s population

697 – the parlamentari council proclaims Venice a Republic and elects the first Doge 

829 – remains of St. Mark brought from Alexandria to Venice  

999 – Holy Roman Emperor Otto III journeys to Venice and grants major commercial concessions

Venice and Belle Époque, the foreigner Simmel and Monet

  • June 26, 2017
  • Art

The old and the new clashed frequently, and were never to be reconciled in the twentieth century. Nor was Venice able to escape the vilification and ambivalence that appeared in the interpretations in the early century . But the old…

Your Personal Gondola Ride -  -

Gondola’s Features

In order to navigate in a straight line the Gondola must be unbalanced: 33 feet long, almost 5 feet wide at the center, and weighing 4 quintals. It is piloted by a single gondolier thanks indeed to its asymmetrical line.…

Gondola’s History

Though opinions vary regarding the etymology of the word, it is certain that the name appeared for the first time in some 1094 documents. Several paintings show how the Gondola evolved from an ordinary boat to gradually become how is…

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