Canal Grande Tour

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The only guided tour along the fascinating Canal Grande!
Discover by yourself the most inimitable road in the world with your personal commentary in order to learn the ancient history of Venice and many secretes hidden its magnificent palaces!
Let’s know about the history of Ca’Vendramin, the ancient gambling house of the lagoon; the Palazzo Grimani: ancient residence of one of the most famous Doge or listen to some curiosities about the outlandish life of Peggy Guggenheim and its marvelous house.

24 descriptions in 7 different languages of the most intriguing and charming palaces who adorn the Canal Grande. The audio descriptions will begin automatically on your device as you pass in front of each palace together with a picture displayed on your phone.

When and how can I do it?

Anytime by night and by day, how many times you want (the app is valid for 1 week).
To use the app you must take public boat line number 1 (white circle with black number).

Alternatively you can hire a private taxi or a Gondola and the app will take you by hand on this breathtaking experience of unforeseen surprises.

How can I get it?

At the moment that you buy the activity. Activity is valid for 1 week. (Click here for instructions)

Price: € 15 p.p. including boat ticket line n.1 (The ticket line is valid for 75 minutes from the moment of validation)

Languages: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

This app won’t use up any data connection as it runs on GPS only.

If you want to know the list of attractions and monuments described in th the app click here

Venice needs your help:

Check the guide of responsible tourist.

From EUR 15

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Grand Canal tour

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Discover the Palace along Canal Grande


  1. From Piazzale Roma
  2. from St Mark's Square