Discover the magical world of venetian artisans

The Venetian Craftsmen and their laboratories about glasstextiles, jewelery, precious paper, masks are protagonists of these tours which aim is to show how the ancient Venice can survive and thrive also nowadays, dominated by new technologies and new consumption. Attention to detail, knowledge of materials, passion for beauty and authenticity, are the Venetian products handmade luxury items are appreciated throughout the world.

Immerse yourself in the myriad of visual and tactile sensations of these tours and admire the master craftsmen create their works before your eyes!


An artistic experience, which will make you live the preparation for the Venetian Carnival! In this unforgettable activity, a venetian master artisan will explain the traditional art of making masks and their ancient history. DECORATE your mask course Your instructor will be our experienced decorator, who will teach you how to paint and decorate your own mask. The participants will choose a mask to be decorated during the course and at the end of the course, they will keep their mask as a very special souvenir to bring back home. Alternatively: Course of PRODUCTION Your instructor will explain the ancient technique of making a Venetian papier-mâché mask providing information about the use of masks in Venice during past centuries. The participants at the end of the hour will keep their mask as a very special souvenir to bring back home. In case of mask production the client will return to the laboratory after 6 hours to collect the mask when it's dry.  Key details Meeting point: Campiello San Zulian 596 (please be there 10 minutes before the beginning of the tour) Availability: every days at 9.30 am - 11:00 am- 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm - 07:00 pm - 8:30 pm Duration: 1 hour (per course) approx. Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian (the activity could be bilingual) Price: Adult € 49 - Under 12 years only if accompanied by an adult € 39 - Special Family offer € 157 (4 people together). Price is per production or decoration. If you would like to do both the cost is double.  Appropriate clothes suggested –If you are less than 6 persons the tour is not considered private but is shared with our guests not belonging to the same party - Mobile vouchers are accepted – Tour does not operate in case of exceptional high tide (in these cases it can be postponed the days after otherwise it will be refunded) - Maximun 6 people per course - This tour is not fully accessible for wheelchair users or people with walking disabilities- For general conditions refer to our brochure “Discovering Venice”.

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Create your own glass piece: learn from a master

Venice is famous all over the world for glass-making. Craftsmen handed down from one generation to another the tradition of working the glass using fire and a blowtorch. A unique tecnique that allows to create amazing pieces of glass in unconventional shapes and colours. You will work along an expert master discovering all the tecniques to create a special piece of glass that will come at home with you as a memory of this incredible experience.  You will attend a special lesson on glass making, you will feel the heat of fire, see and decide by yourself the colour of your masterpiece. You will create together with Massimiliano Calderone, a famous glass artist, a unique glass piece, designed according just to your taste and wishes.  KEY DETAILS Availabilty : From Monday to Saturday at 1.30pm. On Sundays at 10:00 am Duration:abt 1.30 hours  Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French Meeting point: Bottega Artistica Massimiliano Caldarone Cannaregio 5419/b Venezia       

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Create your business card in an ancient print-shop

Live the experience of visiting an old print shop, you will discover all the secrets of the ancient art of printing. You will see the lead types, the old machines used to print precious hand made books. You will discover a world that can still exist only in Venice, the only place in the world where tradition, culture and innovation can co-exist. Venice has been famous since the XVI century for the fine prints realized by its craftmen. Many books were printed here as the Serenissima Government allowed free circulation of ideas, even against the Church will.  The craftmen shop you will visit is famous all over the world: Royal Houses, nobles, even great designers and businessmen have their business cards printed by the Basso family. You will see Gianni and his son Stefano at work and will be able to appreciate the amazing historical value of their art. You will discover all the secrets of printing and even compose and print your own business card with the "masters" help.  At the end of the demonstration you will receive a precious bookmark, printed just for you!   INFORMATION Meeting point: Gianni Basso Stampatore In Venezia, Cannaregio 5306, Calle del Fumo, Venezia  The tour lasts: 60 minutes Languages: English and Italian  Price: 20€ per person (max. 10 people per tour). Business Cards cost is not included and can be paid directly to the printer  

Discover Murano Island the glass island and create your necklace and parfume

ABOUT THIS EXPERIENCE A guided tour to discover the island of Murano and its traditions, and unveil the secret of the glass which has made the island famous worldwide Choose between two experiences: Create "Your Necklace" of Venetian beads - under the watchful eye of an expert and following their suggestions, you can create your own necklace in the colours and size you choose.  (The setting is included in the cost, while the beads are not, and are payable directly to the craftsman.) Create "Your Perfume" - choose and test fragrances under the guidance of an expert, who will give you a sample of the perfume selected and created exclusively by you. (On request it is possible to create a personalised glass flask or vial with names or a dedication engraved; the cost of this is not included and is payable directly to the craftsman.) Walking tour The guided tour starts from the Basilica of San Donato, founded in the 10th century and home since 1125 to the body of San Donato, brought from Kefalonia after its conquest by Doge Michiel. The church's singular form makes it a rare example of Romanesque style in the lagoon, and its interior contains some particularly splendid mosaics. You will also discover the treasures housed in the church of San Pietro, built in 1511, which include masterpieces by Tintoretto and Bellini, evidence of the island's wealth. Murano's last church, but equally important, is the former church of Santa Chiara, founded as an Augustinian monastery in 1231, subsequently a convent for the Franciscan order of Santa Chiara, and restored in 1519. Napoleon put an end to the church's religious role, and it became one of the island's principal sites of glassmaking activity. In the church of Santa Chiara you will learn about man's ancient links with glass, a relationship made special by the nature of the only lightweight, ductile material that can be shaped to create items of everyday use. At the end of this memorable journey, each couple will be given a glass souvenir to remind them of their visit to Santa Chiara and Murano. And on top of that a tour of Murano Island that will take you through different stages: Making glass - you will witness an object coming into being before your very eyes, thanks to the secrets of master glassmakers and using the techniques of blowing and lampworking. Glass and people - Venetian glass beads are celebrated all over the world for their colours and lustre, and have been used to make every kind of necklace. Glass and the home - discover the importance of glass in past and present in its many uses around the home, in mirrors, chandeliers, windows and hourglasses. Above all, thanks to Murano glass, by the year 1500 Venice was the only city to have glass windows in every house and lamps in every room. Glass and the table - the story of glass used to preserve foodstuffs, with bottles, vials and carafes. Glass is always with us, now as in the past, as we drink from glasses and eat from glass plates, or take tea in special cups reminiscent of porcelain. KEY DETAILS Meeting Point:Ex- church of Santa Chiara. Please be there 15 minutes before the beginning of the tour. Departure time: From Thursday to Sunday at at 11:00AM and 2:30PM Duration: 1.30 hrs. approx. for walking tour; 30 minutes approx. for Create Your Necklace activity; 20 minutes approx. for Create Your Perfume activity  Languages:  English & French at 11:00 AM and English & Italian at 2:30 PM - The visit could be multilingual PRICES & HOT DEALS Make the most out of your holiday in Venice. Book this experience and you will receive a Gift Code for a 10% off your next booking!  Walking tour of Murano € 15,00 per person - Only here free under 14 years old Create Your Necklace € 20,00 for 1 or 2 persons Create Your Perfume € 10,00 per person  TRAVEL TIPS This tour is not fully accessible for wheelchair users or people with walking disabilities. Comfortable shoes suggested. The tour does not operate on 24th and 31th December 2017 and 6th January 2018 The tour will finish at Santa Chiara Church. The tour is not considered private but it is shared with other guests not belonging to the same party Activities "CREATE YOUR NECKLACE" or "CREATE YOUR PERFUME"coul be sell only as add on to guided tour of Murano. Mobile voucher accepted. For general conditions refers to our brochure "Discover Venice"

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This tour will lead you to discover one of the most interesting areas of Venice: Dorsoduro, where past and present of Venice meet. This area have been for centuries the heart of gondolas artesanal production.  Your visit will start at the famous Accademia Bridge, the only woodden bridge in Venice. You will then walk towards San Trovaso church, one of the oldest in Venice. The building, that was there since the foundation of the city, is characterized by a double façade, a double entrance that allowed the two rival families of the area to enter the church from different doors. Next stop will be the old San Trovaso Squero (workshop). Squero comes from Squara a team of people working together to create a boat. This lab is famous for its construction, as it looks exactly like a mountain house as its founders (as well as the wood) came from the Dolomiti Area. You will then move on towards the Squero Tramontin where you will visit the workshop and learn all the secrets of this art directly from the words of the master artisans. You will discover for example that each gondola is built according to the weight of its gondoliers and that all measures are taken not in meters but in "venetian feet" used since 1400. The tour will end with a walk on the Zattere, Venice sunny promenade with is fantastic views on the Giudecca island. An interesting travel into the secrets of the boat known as a symbol of Venice all over the world.

VENETIAN CRAFTSMEN WORKSHOP - Masks, food,glass and more!

This Tour will take you to the exclusive Venetian Ateliers and it will show you how the most famous traditional products are created! Over the centuries Venice has provided superior quality handmade products that were exported all over the world for the use of theprivileged few. Jump into the traditional craftsmanship of Venice, discovering those products that have made the city famous all over the world! Today the simple word “Venice” still conjures up an atmosphere of sensuous luxury, sophisticated elegance and a myriad of a joyful tactile and visual sensations. Far from the beaten tracks, you will discover and make tours the “pearls” of Venice's top handcraft tradition: velvets, brocades, marbleized paper, books and leather bindings, Papier-mâché Carnival masks, gold and silver jewellery, beads and other wonders. The itinerary is not fixed, giving you the freedom to choose exactly what you wanto to see or to do, normally choosing on your own approximately 2/3 activities. Key Details: Meeting Point: Venice Tours Office - Calle Tron (San Marco), 1130 - 30214 (please be there 5 minutes before the departure time) Timetable: every day at 9:00 am - 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Languages: English - French - Italian - German - Spanish Duration: 2 hours approx. Price:  € 147 for a group from a minumun of 1 person to  a maximun of 6 people.   Inclusions: Guided tour with commentary in the selected language - Master Artisan's demostration - 2/3 activities choosen by you This tour is not fully accessible for wheelchair users or people with walking disabilities. Comfortable shoes suggested. The tour does not operate on 24th, 25th December and 1st January This tour is considered private. Mobile vouchers accepted. For general conditions refer to our brochure “Discovering Venice”

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The Magic Art of Glassblowing

A great experience that will bring you to know the manufacture and glassblowing art In front of you a glass craftsman master will create a unique item while he is showing and explaining the ancient technique phases of the production. You will discover this ancient art came from Romans that, on the run of barbarians, established the city of Venice. You may feel the warmth, the smells and the sounds of the furnace and you will see the clever hands of the artisan mold the glass in front of your eyes and than, like a magic, that will be transformed in an unrepeatable object, thanks to the work of a millennial artisan culture that is handed down from one generation to another . The glassblowing art is recognized in all the world such as synonym of beauty.  Venetians mold too much things with the glass that were used daily, like cups, glasses, dishes, mirrors and lamps. This art of molds the glass in all these shapes, was one of the secrets that was best safeguarded in the Venetian Republic. You will live this experience in Saint Mark's Square in a old Glass Factory Showroom and you may have the possibility to know and see the principal objects that are made with glass. At the end of your experience we will give a little glass gift for each couple or each family, as a souvenir of this visit Key details Meeting point: St.Mark's Square - Clock Tower exhange office (the white building wi the blue clock facade) -  Please be there 5 minutes before the beginning of the tour) Languages: English, spanish, french, italian and japanese (the visit could be multilingual) Duration: 30 minutes approx. Timetable: every day at 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM Price: Adult € 9,00 p.p. - Free under 12 years -  Special Family offert for maximun 6 people € 18,00 This tour is not fully accessible for wheelchair users or people with walking disabilities – Comfortable shoes suggested – Mobile vouchers are accepted - Tour does not operate on 25 December, 1st January andb in case of exceptional high tide (in these cases it can be postponed the days after otherwise it will be refunded) - The tour is not considered Private but it is shared with other guests not belonging to the same party – For general conditions refer to our brochure “Discovering Venice”.

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