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The torment of prisoners

The torment of prisoners Pleas of prisoners After the sentence was passed, prisoners could make pleas to the magistrates to improve the hardships of prison life. The approval of such pleas was subject to the payment of pezaria, an amount…


Lords of the prisons

Lords of the new prisons of Venice The guards The guards were called the Lords of the Prisoners because of their brutality and corruption towards the treatment of the prisoners. The guards allowed improvements to be made to the treatment…

The New Prisons

The new prisons

The new prisons The Building As you can see, the huge prisons, made of large marble and Istrian stone blocks, are intimidating and frightening. Take a look at the double grilles and the bars incorporated into the masonry. Still to…

St Mark's Square

St. Mark’s Square (San Marco, in Italian)

Venice has only one square or piazza: St.Mark’s Square, a 170 meter-long trapezoid which differs from all other squares that are called ‘campi’ (fields). 5 reasons why St. Mark’s Square is utterly unique? St Mark’s square has been the heart…

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