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The History Of Venice

The History of Venice

History of the Venetian lagoon, from the origins to the recent facts :

452  – Attile the Hun levels city of Aquileia: refugees flee to islands of Venetian lagoon

568 – refugees fleeing Lombards double lagoon’s population

697 – the parlamentari council proclaims Venice a Republic and elects the first Doge 

829 – remains of St. Mark brought from Alexandria to Venice  

999 – Holy Roman Emperor Otto III journeys to Venice and grants major commercial concessions

1073  – completed St. Mark’s Basilica 

1095 – First Crusade, Venetian lease their navy

1177 – reconciliation between Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa and Pope Alexander III in St. Mark’s Basilica

1204  – Venice provide galleys for Fourth Crusade; Doge Dandolo leads navy; Venice acquires Corfu, Crete, Cyprus and Anatolia, and priceless Byzantine treasures

1275 – finished construction of Bell Tower  which was to stand until 1902

1319 – Golden Book instituted for all members of the aristocracy listed 

1339 – Venice captures Treviso, an important city in the mainland 

1353 – naval war against Genova, Venetian fleet destroyed

1402 – Venice conquers Padova, Vicenza gaining the control of the Lombard plain and acess to the Alpine passes 

1434  Ca D’oro Built 

1499 – further expansion on mainland; Friuli, Bergamo, Rovigo and Cremona annexed ;

1424 – Facade of Doge’s Palace overlooking the Piazzetta completed 

1453 – fall of Costantinopoli 

1463-1479 – First war against Turks; Venice pays annual tribute for right to trade with the Ottoman Empire

1480 – Procuratie built in Piazza San Marco 

1499 – Clock Tower built in Piazza San Marco

1508 – European powers organize the League of Cambrai to prevent further expansion of Venetian Republic 

1516 – Venetian Jewish restricted to the Ghetto 

1571 – Turks defeated at the battle of Lepanto by an alliance of Venice, Spain, Genova and the Papacy 

1574- King Henry III of France pays state visit 

1592 – Rialto Bridge completed 

1629 – plague ravages Venice 

1586 – Construction of the Church of Santa Maria della Salute 

1687 – Venice reconquers  some Peloponnesian ports and destroys Partenone;

1718 – 1796 Period of internal peace 

1797 – Napoleon occupies Venice 

1798 – Venice ceded to Austria 

1805 – French regain control of Venice following the battle of Austerlitz 

1814 – Congress of Vienna cedes Venice to Austria 

1846 – Rail causeway to mainland built 

1866 – Venice joints the Kingdom of Italy 

1902 – Campanile of St. Mark collapses 

1912 – Rebuilt Campanile inaugurated 

1915 – Italy enters war against Germany and  Austria, despite later bombardment, no major damage to Venetian monuments 

1917 –  Creation of new industrial zone and port of Marghera 

1931 – Automobile causeway linking Venice to mainland 

1960 – Marco Polo Airport built at Venice 

1966 – Disastrous flood 

1996 – Fires destroy La Fenice theatre 

2003 – La Fenice Thatre rebuilt 


Skip the line: inside Doge’s Palace, Golden Basilica and….Much more.



  • Guided visit in the main attractions of St. Mark’s Square
  • Admire the Basilica and it golden mosaicos
  • Cross the Bridge of Sighs and visit the Venetian Prisons
  • Skip the line access

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Amazing guided tour of The Doge’s Palace and the marvelous Golden Basilica!
The tour starts in the imposing Doge’s palace with its marvelous rooms, rich of history and incredible masterpieces made by great artists as Tiepolo and Tiziano. Be stunned in front of the Golden staircase: the main entrance for the halls of power where the Doge decided the faith of the Republic! Then Cross the Bridge of Sighs and go to the dark Venetian prisons, where many important figures were imprisoned, including Casanova.Skip the line: inside Doge's Palace, Golden Basilica and....Much more. - -

Head to the Saint Mark’s Basilica,: the five-dome Cathedral   known also as the Golden Basilica due to the interior completely covered by mosaics made with pure gold! The guide will escort you in this byzantine masterpiece and will teach you its history and the meaning of the many biblical scenes that decorate the church. See the breathtaking Pala D’oro with its uncountable gems and, then, enter in the Saint Mark Treasury: a stunning collection of relics and valuable items collected along many centuries.

With this special ticket you can visit by yourself the palaces around St. Mark’s Square: (Museo Correr, Museo Archeologico Nazionale and Monumental Rooms of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana)
At the end of your activity you will have the opportunity to do the free optional tour the Glass Craftsman at work visiting a Glass Factory very close to Saint Mark’s square (20 minutes tour). Please follow the instruction that our staff will provide to you locally.


Additional information

Know before to go

-The visit is monolingual from April to October, from November to March could be bilingual.
-Unfortunately this tour is not fully accessible for wheelchair users or people with walking disabilities.
-Tour does not operate in case of exceptional high tide or in case of unplanned religious functions (in these cases it can be postponed to the day after otherwise it will be refunded)
-For the visit of the Basilica suitable clothing is required (no shorts)
-For security reasons suitcases, backpacks or large bags are not allowed inside the Basilica and inside the Doges’ Palace, prior to your visit you must deposit them at the Ateneo San Basso (St. Mark’s Square- Calle san Basso). The storage service is free of charge, but please allow sufficient time!
– Comfortable shoes suggested.
-The tour is not considered private but it is shared with other guests not belonging to the same party.
– Mobile vouchers are accepted.
– Free children under 6 years old
– Optional Glass Craftsman at work close to Saint Mark’s Square at the end of the tour.

Meeting point

ST. MARK’S SQUARE – CLOCK TOWER NEAR EXCHANGE OFFICE (the white building with the blue clock facade). Our assistant will wait you for with a signboard in which is written “TOUR”.
Please, be at the meeting point 15 minutes before the departure time


– Shared guided tour with commentary by a qualified and experienced guide
– “Skip the Line”: Doge's Palace and the Basilica guided tour including the Pala D’oro and a walk across the Bridge of Sighs into the prisons.
– Entrance ticket valid to visit by yourself the palaces around St. Mark’s Square (Royal Palace now Museo Correr, Museo Archeologico Nazionale and Monumental Rooms of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana)
– Glass Craftsman at work close to Saint Mark’s Square.
– Audio-receiver devices are included in case of groups over 10 people

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