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Carnival Experience



  • Impressive location facing the Grand Canal
  • Handmade face mask included
  • Professional actors performance
  • An all-around Carnival experience
  • Live the Carnival as a protagonist
  • Minuetto dances
  • Calvicembalo live music
  • Carnival sweets and Prosecco

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Minuetto Dance

Minuetto Dance

Live the ancient Venetian Carnival experience and get totally involved in by nothing less than Casanova in fresh and blood! Abandon you in his welcoming introduction to the magic Carnival world. Discover in  pleasant company of your special narrator the Carnival tales and legends.

You will be the main character of this daydream.  As first action to feel the festive Carnival mood wear the handmade colorful mask you will receive at the entrance of the veritable Carnival palace. Enjoy the all long backgroung live music by clavicembalo, to feel the party atmosphere in a spectacular location in the heart of Venice : Prison’s palace of Piazza San Marco.

Be part of the scene  dancing  Minuetto, a typical Carnival dance in the 1700 and  tasting traditional Venetian sweets, Galani and Frittelle, accompanied by Italian sparkling white wine Prosecco.

The professional performers will let you experience the Carnival ancient board games to live an all-around Venetian Carnival experience.

Discover the spectacular Venetian Carnival palace 

The location worth your special attention. Everybody knows or has ever heard about Casanova, right? Thus, according to many Venetian

Carnival Palace, Doge's Palace Prisons

Carnival Palace

legends Casanova was imprisoned in this historic Palace, which is part of the Doge’s Palace. The two buildings are connected through the well known Bridge of Sights.

The building which is located in a very central position was planned by the architect Antonio Da Ponte in 1589. The Palace hosted one of the most ancient magistracies of the Venetian Republic, covering tasks of police and surveillance, as well as instructing processes. Nowadays, the prison’s palace is the seat of the Artistic Circle of Venice which welcomes guests offering different cultural experiences and concerts.

Clavicembalo groundback sound and Minuetto Dance



And  a one, two, three, and a one, two, three let you guide by a professional Minuetto Master following the clavicembalo live sound. Discover the typical Carnival dance, a truly hit of 1700. Get prepared to the amazing Carnival balls or just enjoy the moment. Minuetto elegance will let you dream and magically imagine to be a Venetian nobleman of baroque time.

The name Minuetto comes from French and literally means small steps. In 1700 Minuetto was the most successful dance of the good society, even if its roots are represented by popular character. This gallant dance in pairs was danced in courtship during balls and events. For his graceful poses, it was considered as expression of grace and elegance, fundamental qualities for every person who belonged to the aristocracy.

Carnival games and sweets tasting 

Finally, after dances and a typical board games of the ancient Ridotto, just to feel the past Carnival times you are ready to taste some delicious Carnival sweets as Galani or Frittelle accompagnied by Italian sparkling white wine, Prosecco.


  • Casanova tales introduction and palace’s history
  • Play the Ridotto’s style Carnival games
  • Minuetto dance with the dance master
  • Carnival sweets tasting: frittelle and galani with a glass of wine


  • Day availability: from February 15th to February 25th at  15.00
  • Evening availability: February 16th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd at 22.30
  • Duration: 1:15 / hr 1:30
  • Language: English, French, Italian
  • Dress code: the period costume is NOT requested
  • Day price : 75,00 € p.p – Young from 15 to 18 years old: € 67.5 – Child from 6 to 14 years old: € 37,5.
  • Evening price : 110,00 € p.p – Only over 18 years old can partecipate.


Palazzo delle Prigioni, 30122 Venezia VE

Additional information

Dress Code

The period costume is NOT required


– Entrance Ticket
– Carnival face mask
– Minuetto dance master lesson
– Carnival sweets tasting with prosecco
– Professional actors performances

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