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Carnival night Experience: Concert & Ball with Casanova



  • Carnival Event in front of Saint Mark’s Basin
  • Classical Music concert and Minuetto with Casanova
  • Sparkling wine and Venetian cakes experience
  • Unforgettable experience to live the Venice Carnival

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Concert & Ball with Casanova

Live the magic of the Carnival with an unforgettable event in Piazza San Marco: Classical Music concert followed by marvelous Carnival party, jump in the 700 Venetian Carnival !carnival-ball-venice

During the carnival party you will dance Minuetto ball, play the typical Carnival games and a tasting of Venetian sweets and sparkling wine with a professional actor, Casanova, who will introduce you to his Carnival secrets.


Start your experience at 9:00 PM with the famous Carnival Concert where the Orchestra, composed by international Musicians will perform a repertoire ranging from the Baroque to Twentieth century music playing! One hour of classical musical concert of the best classical Music (Opera or Baroque)masterpieces.


After the concert, at the 10:30 PM, you can live the Carnival party with Casanova! Enjoy the experience being in a carnival event with Casanova, an actor, who will teach you the typical games of the Venetian nobles, and, all together the participants will dance the typical Minuetto. During the event you’ll enjoy a sparkling wine and a Venetian sweet tasting, prepared by a local pastry chef.

Dance Minuetto with Casanova in one of the most fascinating Palaces of Venice: the so-called Renaissance Prison Palace overlooks the Saint Mark’s Basin and it’s in the heart of Piazza San Marco.

The Carnival Night Experience takes Place in the imposing Palazzo Delle Prigioni in front of Saint Mark’s Prison. The Renaissance Palace is a connected to the Doge’s Palace with the famous Bridge of Sighs.

Short historical excursus on the location you will spend a magical evening:

The Carnival ball takes place in the hall of Prisons’ Palace that is connected to the Doge by the famous Bridge of Sights.

secret itinerary

In the past part of the Palace was the terribile Venetian Prisons, where Casanova was imprisoned: he was the only one managed to escape from here!
Nowadays it’s the home of Cultural Association and it’s used for many socialite and cultural events.

The most famous guest of this prison was Giacomo Casanova, who was the protagonist of the most fantastical and creative of escapes: having climbed onto the prison roof, Casanova managed to slide down a drain pipe, slip inside the Palace and then persuade someone to open the door, in order for him to then escape calmly on a gondola.



  • Date: 15th- 21st – 22nd – 23rd February 2020
  • Time 9:00 PM
  • Duration: about 3 hours
  • Price: Adult € 135 – Only over 18 years old can participate
  • Inclusion: Classical Music Concert – Entrance to Ball – Minuetto ball instructor – Sparkling wine and Venetian sweet tasting – Carnival face mask

Additional information

Meeting Point

Palazzo Delle Prigioni, beside the Doge’s Palace in Piazza San Marco.

In Piazza San Marco, with the Doge’s Palace in front of you and the S.Mark’s Basin at your back, go on the right, cross the Bridge (from where you see the Bridge of Sighs) and then look on the left, you will see the entrance of the Palazzo delle Prigioni.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

-Bookings from January 3rd 2020 on : the payment of the total amount of the file is due upon reservation
-Cancellation from January 3rd 2020 on: full penalty is due (the total amount of the file will be held as penalty, no refund is foreseen)

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