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Grand Ball La Fenice- the Carnival Elixir



  • Ancient Venetian Theatre as location
  • Placé Dinner
  • Professinal Entretainments
  • Magic night in Apollonian  hall
  • Special Sweets and Prosecco buffet

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After several years, the carnival of Venice comes back to La Fenice Theatre with a masked dinner and period dances in the historic ballroom of the Venetian aristocracy. The Ball at the Fenice is the new extraordinary international appointment that brings back to one of the most famous locations of the historic Carnival and the city itself the Party, the Ball, the Costumes and the inevitable Masks, symbol of the adventure itself.

Up the staircase inside the theatre you’ll find yourself in the Apollonian Halls where an aperitif will welcome you. The evening will continue with a placé dinner of four courses, wines included, curated by our chef and the accompaniment of a live music ensemble, the period group dances under the guidance of the Dance Masters, the performances of the dancers, and different artists who will wear the precious costumes of the Atelier Tiepolo. The evening’s menu offers the option of choosing between a fish-based dinner, a vegetarian dinner or a meat-based dinner, a selection that can be done at the time of booking.

After dinner, the Grand Ball will begin in the Main Ballroom with the Dance Masters who will involve the guests in period dances, such as waltz, minuets and contradances. Between dances, guests can enjoy carnival sweets and Prosecco wine.

Short historical excursus on the location you will spend a magical evening 

The fascinaiting ancient La Fenice Theatre was completely destroyed several times by enormous fires throughout history. The Sale Apollinee, so named because dedicated to the Greek god Apollo, father of the Muses and patron of the Arts will let you discover the elegant atmosphere of this out of time location.  On the top of the main door you will see a symbol of the sun. That is a tribute to the King of France Louis XIV.  Thanks to him, Dance and Music for ballet became prominent.

What do you have to expect from the soiree

Magic atmosphere of some elegant past time. Feel activily part of this ancient location where once the whole Venitian noblesse riunion themselves for a dancing Carnival night to spend all together among classic music chef-d’œuvres and sparkling wine.

Carnival Period Costume

The Carnival Period Costume is Compulsory to attend the ball. Have a look on the professional Venetian Atelier Proposals. Respect the Dress Code and find your perfect outfit for the special occasion!


  • Date: Saturday February 22th
  • Time: 09 p.m. – 01.30 a.m.
  • Dress code: compulsory period costume
  • Price Ammannati and Sinopoli Halls : 450,00 € p.p
  • Price Main Ball Room : 650,00 € p.p


La Fenice Theatre (Sale Apollinee), San Marco 1965, Campo San Fantin

Additional information

Cancellation Policy

– Cancellation from January 3rd 2020 on : full penalty (€ 450,00 or € 650,00 depends on a ticket price)

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