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Venetian Reflections – Carnival Ball



  • Venetian Palazzo frescoed by Tiepolo
  • Grand Canal panoramic View
  • Professional performers
  • Delicious placé dinner
  • Festive Atmosphere 

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Stefano Nicolao presents the new ball of the Carnival of Venice, which will take place Saturday, February 22 , 2020, in the magical setting of Tiepolo at Palazzo Labia. An opportunity to live a unique experience that will make indelible memories of a day different from the others.

Enjoy the welcoming cocktail, a delicious placé dinner, the open free bar. The soiree will be framed by professional shows and entertainments with 1001 surprises to be discovered! Live as a protagonist this extraordinary and unique evening in the city of Carnival par excellence!

Short historical excursus on the location you will spend a magical evening 

The Labia palazzo ballroom, better known as Salone delle Feste, is entirely frescoed by Giambattista Tiepolo with scenes from the romantic encounters of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra.  The famous Le Bal oriental was organized in this palace in 1951. It was one of the largest and most lavish social events of the past century, and actually the last one.  Christian Dior and Salvador Dalì, on that special occasion, created  each other costumes. 

What do you have to expect from the soiree

Awesome atmosphere of a festive past time. Feel activily part of this ancient location where once the whole Venitian noblesse riunion themselves for a dancing Carnival night to spend all together among fascinaiting performances,  sparkling wine and surprises!

Carnival Period Costume

The Carnival Historical Costume is Compulsory to attend the ball. Respect the Dress Code and find your perfect outfit for the special occasion!


  • Date: Saturday February 22th
  • Time: 19.15 – 02.00 am
  • Dress code: Historical Costume Compulsory
  • Price  : 800,00 € p.p
  • Price Ticket + Costume : 1000,00 € p.p


Palazzo Labia, Campo San Geremia, 30100 Venezia VE

Additional information

Dress Code

Compulsory Period Costume

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