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Find out all the Best Venice Carnival Balls of 2019.
Beautiful Palaces and Memorable Costume Balls are waiting for you, during the Venetian Carnival of 2019!
Check the balls including our Special Offer:
Book before the 15th of December, get a free mask decoration course!




Casanova And Venetian Noblemen The Carnival Icons

Casanova and Venetian noblemen the Carnival icons

The quintessential  Venetian libertine was Casanova, the son of a Venetian actor and a shoemaker's daughter.  As he stated in his autobiography, "My Life and Adventures". Casanova's purpose was simply…

Venice Carnival During The 1700

Venice Carnival during the 1700

The official passport to the Venice Carnival was the Domino, a bizarre costume that combined the mask Bauta, a hood of velvet silk  and a three-cornered hat. The Domino Costume…

Venice And The Age Of The Carnival Myth

Venice and the Age of the Carnival myth

In the 18th century, in Venice,  'noblemen no longer wear their togas of office, the women have asses black from all the pinches they get: there is enough joking and…

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Brilliant!! With their application, a new and smart way to visit the most beautiful city in the world. Thanks to the courteous and professional local staff. We'll see again!
Jeff Wolf
21:20 29 Aug 18
Amazing Private Gondola Ride!! I have already booked the canal grande self guided tour with this company. Really professional team! Many thanks!!
Iryna Drevetska
14:30 28 Aug 18
I joined the self guided tour by boat. Very nice experience. See you Next time in venire. Thank you all.
Eleonora Collauto
20:37 30 Aug 18
nice experience the romantic self guided tour, it's like a game or a treasure hunt, you really find by yourself the hidden romantic treasures of this wonderful city, recommended.
Joseph Von zamer
15:23 31 Aug 18
The best tour of the Grand Canal and a beautiful gondola ride! One of the best choices to discover the real Venice! I highly recommend it
Mirko Milanese
14:38 04 Jul 18
Super Carnival Ball experience last year! We will definitely come back next Carnival!
17:44 29 Aug 18
The gondola was very good and we were listening all descriptions
kedwin recio
17:00 02 Oct 18
Very good ! Gondola and also tour , thanks
anila brahja
19:09 16 Nov 18
To create my Venetian mask was a fantastic experience
Ilir Baka
18:25 18 Nov 18
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