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Jeff Wolf
21:20 29 Aug 18
Brilliant!! With their application, a new and smart way to visit the most beautiful city in the world. Thanks to the courteous and professional local staff. We'll see again!
Iryna Drevetska
14:30 28 Aug 18
Amazing Private Gondola Ride!! I have already booked the canal grande self guided tour with this company. Really professional team! Many thanks!!
Joseph Von zamer
15:23 31 Aug 18
nice experience the romantic self guided tour, it's like a game or a treasure hunt, you really find by yourself the hidden romantic treasures of this wonderful city, recommended.
Mirko Milanese
14:38 04 Jul 18
The best tour of the Grand Canal and a beautiful gondola ride! One of the best choices to discover the real Venice! I highly recommend it
17:44 29 Aug 18
Super Carnival Ball experience last year! We will definitely come back next Carnival!
kedwin recio
17:00 02 Oct 18
The gondola was very good and we were listening all descriptions
anila brahja
19:09 16 Nov 18
Very good ! Gondola and also tour , thanks
Ilir Baka
18:25 18 Nov 18
To create my Venetian mask was a fantastic experience

Design your Own Personal Self-Guided tour

Are you planning on discovering the hidden, secret side of Venice? Are you looking for those special, extraordinary moments? You can do it with our Self -Guided Tours that will begin automatically as you pass in front of all kinds of points of interest; it’s like you had a professional story-teller at hand to guide you through Venice’s hidden and famous attractions, and all in 7 different possible languages!

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Wifi free

Your personal self guided tour downloaded on your device, no internet connection needed!

Take your time

No more rushing around with a fixed timetable! Live Venice at your own pace


Not only monuments but also the typical places where Venetians live


Use the local transport boat service

No more rushing around with a fixed timetable: download the app, put your earphones on and just start walking, and enjoy: the app will do the rest!

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