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Venice Carnival 2019 Top Balls Features

Venice Carnival 2019 Top Balls Features

There are some characteristics that all Venice Carnival Balls share:

  • 1 – Noblesse Oblige: costumes!

It probably goes without saying but you need to wear a costume to attend a ball!

Many people are true lovers, that already own their personal costume. But if this is not your case, do not worry: all costume shops in Venice rent their creations. They are real pieces of art, made with precious textiles and amazingly refined. It may costs a lot to rent one of them but the result will be breathtaking!


  • 2 – 1700

The Eighteenth Century for Venice was the age decadence. In 1797 the Venetian Republic came to an end, when Napoleone occupied it to then trade it to Austria.  But it was also the age of luxury, during this period Carnival lasted for six months, a continuous succession of parties… The Eighteenth Century was also the age of one of the best known Venetians: Casanova!

This is way, all balls, in a way or another, celebrate this golden age!


  • 3 – Format

Venice Carnival balls are unique events, that captivate the attenders during and after dinner. This is made possible by a specific schedule that includes welcome cocktail, dinner and dances.

The dinner, usually involving haute cousine, is liven up by a theatrical or musical entertainment. The after dinner includes real dances where ancient balls like minuets go along with dj sets.


  • 4 – Amazing Locations

One of the most incredible characteristics of Venice Carnival Balls are the locations in which they are hosted.

The parties take place in palaces, architectonic jewels usually closed to the public. Some of them even face the Grand Canal, the most beautiful waterway in the world.


  • 5 – A fantastic occasion to make new friends. 

Venice Carnival Balls are a real social gathering occasion. People, that will probably never have a chance to meet, sit side by side at rounded tables all wearing costumes! Socialization is encouraged also by group dances, guided by the Dance Master.

An incredible occasion to discover a new world of luxury, entertainment, and history!



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